Company Profile

As we have insisted of the highest standard for our production systems and most comprehensive quality control available. It has crossed market borders from local distribution to overseas markets.

Dragon International Electronic Ltd. also equipped precise machines as well as highly sanitary (dust free) room for mass production. With timely clean and maintenance, we ensure our products are high quality and steady. Beside, with continuous training and technician reinforcement, we are not only to improve ourselves but to increase our capability and standards and make our customers satisfactory too.

Dragon International Electronic Ltd. has own development technology as well as marketing strategy. By keeping it to develop new products and know well the trend of electronic industry, we could make our essence stronger and keep growing with customers in the competitive world.

In addition, the company will also provide personalized customer support, including free customer service hotline, free online support, allow customers to use the company website to successfully develop business opportunities.

Enterprise Culture

1. Enterprise's Spirit Pragmatic :
proceeding from reality and down-to-earth completed our work, pay close attention to product quality and quality of staff.
Innovation :
creating a unique first-class management, first-class technology, first-rate products.
Fighting :
together, and go all out to create brilliant.
Enterprise :
constantly upgrade their own quality and the development of self-advantage.

2. Business Concept : Business philosophy :
to meet the needs of its customers importance to staff development.
Philosophy :
to be market-oriented, customer-core, all services to customers.
Quality concepts :
excellence, the pursuit of excellence.
Personnel philosophy :
to provide a broad space for development and utilization of their energy, talent.

3. Enterprise Value Quality :
quality first, the customer first.
Business concept :
to be market-oriented, all services in the market, all subordinated to the market.
Management concept :
a people-oriented, caring for others, respect for others, incentives and encouragement combined.
Talent :
Talent is the company's most valuable assets.

Company Structure